About Churchill Cruises

Churchill Cruises Ltd aims to offer safe and environmentally responsible eco-tourism cruises to/from the Port of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada on-board luxurious mini passenger vessels sailing into the vast expanse of the beautiful coastal communities north of the Arctic Circle in Canada, and the west coast of Greenland.

Our vision is to enable our passengers to view the magnificent glaciers on the West coast of Greenland, as well as provide our passengers the opportunity to view wildlife such as Polar Bears, Beluga whales, Walrus, Seals, other animals that call the arctic their home. Our vision is also to take our passengers to some of the Migratory Bird Sanctuaries that are teeming with birds nesting and breeding to raise their offspring’s.

We aim to provide our passengers memories of a lifetime that they can take with them with a desire to come back again.

Churchill Cruises has partnered with Albatross Adventures, based in Denmark who are leaders, with several years of experience operating passenger vessels in Arctic, and Antarctic waters. The vessels we charter are ice strengthened Polar class vessels that meet the highest standards set by the International Maritime Organization (www.imo.org) for vessels operating in polar waters.

Our partner has full membership of the Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (www.aeco.no), as well as the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (www.iaato.org). Both these organizations advocate and promote the practice of a very high standards for the safe, and environmentally responsible operations of passenger vessels in the Arctic, and Antarctic waters.

Churchill Cruises is a natural extension of the Kothari Group of Companies (www.kotharigroup.com) headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Kothari Group of companies are developers and managers of hotels under the Hilton, Hyatt and Sheraton brands. The group and its principals were established about 30 years ago and bring substantial real estate financing experience, as well as providing excellent hospitality to guests in luxurious hotel and resort environments.

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