Insurance Requirements

Trip cancellation and medical insurance coverage:

Churchill Cruises requires our passengers to obtain their own Medical & Cancellation Travel Insurance protection plans, or cancellation insurance. Passengers must also have adequate medical insurance without limitation to cover any eventuality including medical evacuation by helicopter and repatriation back to home country. You must have your own accident and baggage insurance.

Proof of your insurance will be required to be produced at the time of boarding the vessel, or when the passenger makes the connecting flight to Churchill, MB or Kangerlussuaq, Greenland from Winnipeg international airport in Manitoba, or Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to secure insurance for the level of protection they desire. As a guideline you must have at least US$ 100,000, if not more per person to cover the full cost of a medical emergency or evacuation costs. Emergency coverage or evacuation costs above this amount shall be the sole responsibility of the passenger. There are two parts to the insurance that our passengers need to carry:

  1. Travel Insurance on medical and cancellation, and

  2. Crisis Protection Plan (CAP) on land-based activities while on shore.

Passengers may purchase insurance coverage through their travel agents at the country of origin or contact our GSA Canada One Travel by contacting them for details of insurance coverage required for the duration of the voyage. Contact details of Canada One Travel are given below:

email at,

Phone: + 1.204.888.8181; or toll free 1.800.668.6889

website at

Our GSA Canada One Travel will arrange your “Trip cancellation and Visitor to Canada Health insurance coverage” through Allianz

The crisis protection plan (CAP) is a common rate of USD$19.95 per person for the entire trip

No Hassle Trip Cancellation Coverage: Passengers may purchase their “No Hassle Trip Cancellation coverage” through our GSA Canada One Travel. Such coverage can provide refunds up to 75% refund up to 6 days prior departure and 100% refund for emergency reasons. Contact Canada One for more details of this policy.

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